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The jersey of the Bangladesh National Cricket Team has been officially unveiled on Monday. Bangladesh cricket broad (BCB) published a group photo of their world cup team on Monday (29th April).  After publishing the photo there is much criticism in social media about the world cup jersey. The debate triggered because of rule out the red color from the dress. Besides, it looks like Pakistan’s cricket team.

Traditional, Bangladesh cricket team always wears the jersey with a mix of green and red. Basically, the red disc represents the sun rising over Bengal, and also the blood of those who died for the independence of Bangladesh at the time of the 1971 liberation war. The green field stands for the lushness of the land of Bangladesh.

All countries need to get the ICC approval for their World Cup jersey. Bangladesh cricket board has made two separate jerseys for home and away for the World Cup 2019. One of them is green and the other is red. The name of Bangladesh and cricketer wrote in white color for both jerseys.

Bangladesh cricket
May 1,2019 Bangladesh Cricket team start their world cup Journey.

Peoples Reaction in Social Media

People mainly reviewing its design and color and also compare it with the previous design. Some people said that this design not for Bangladesh Team. Norrottom Arka, a Facebook user post “Best wishes Ireland, Best wishes Pakistan and best wishes Zimbabwe”; other social activities Rafi writes “Best of luck Pakistan love from Uganda”. Not only general people but also many high profile personalities also raised their voice against this design.

two separate jerseys for home and away
People’s Reaction
People’s reaction







BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chaudhary said-“There were red colors in the jersey, but we wrote the name of Bangladesh and cricketer in red color. But the ICC told us to give it a white color.”

Of course, some said the color or design of the jersey is not a factor; whatever it is, they should support the tiger. A part of people also strongly favor of this design.  Md. Saifur Rahman, a facebook user, writes on Facebook, “If the color of a jersey represents a country, why do not they use a different color in Test cricket?  A flag can only highlight a country, not represent. Only the name of the country and the performance of the player can represent its country.”

Some people think, it was good one.

From the beginning of Bangladesh cricket, at least a small amount of red always exists in its jersey. It is related to the emotion of Bengali people. Besides, the jersey for world cup 2019 looks like the Pakistan Cricket team which adds fuel to the fire.

The BCB president Nazmul Hassan Papon said, he does not know about the design and doesn’t see it before the photo session. He also blames the player that they choose the design. After huge criticism from different people, BCB already changes its design and introduce a red shadow under the word Bangladesh.

Bangladesh cricket team already starts its world cup journey from 1st May 2019. They played Tri-nation series among Bangladesh, West Indies and Ireland. Bangladesh won the series and will reach England on 18 May 2019. We wish the best of luck for Bangladesh’s world cup journey.

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