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You are ready to travel, pack all your things and excited about a wonderful journey but alas! When you reach the airport you see you don’t carry the ticket. Most of us face this problem most of the time. Many business personnel forgets to carry on important business file or supportive documents due to last time travel pressure. So, to solve this problem you can use a wonderful Pad Packing List Notepad. travelling checklist

Pack This Notepade

“Pack This” is a packing list notepad which gives you an excellent traveling experience. It is the pre-list notepad that helps you to pack all of your necessary stuffs.


  • Includes all packing list you could ever need on a trip, this organizational tool will help even the most forgetful to arrive and depart fully equipped
  • 6 x 9-inch, 60 sheet notepad
  • Usable for both business and pleasure travels
  • Contain all the list that as a traveler you may need even gift list
  • Reduce stress about missing important documents, pieces of stuff, etc
  • Just check and mark
  • Make your list, Make many lists you wan even can make a list of the lists

The brand name of this Pack This is Knock Knock. The weight of the item is only 8.5 ounces. It is easy to make a list with this Notepad.

Connie Woods, a traveler said

I just used this for a recent trip to Florida from California. I was surprised about the effectiveness of the pad. It made my trip easy because I did not feel any stress about the things that I forget every time.  It has extra lines for you to add anything. The size is not too big but easily readable.

The beneficial site of Pack This

Perfect for travel preparations

This will be bigger than your expectation. It helps to make sure nothing is forgotten in your travel. It is a helpful notepad for them who forget something every vacation. It helps you to pack everything even a little nail cutter.

Cute, Fun, Organized

It is a well-organized tool that knows your priority. Pack this make your journey comfortable and stress-free. You can write your own plan, own list, shortlist, list of list and many things with these tools.

Good value! Low cost

Sometimes a small mistake may ruin the pleasure of travel. If you want to a wonderful trip with all your necessary and priority things Pack this is an ultimate solution. The value of the tools is higher than its cost. People think it will be poor quality paper just because it was not crazy expensive. When they get one of this they feel they were wrong. There are so many things on this list that you will never forget anything when you are packing!

What’s the problem of Pack This?

On the other hand, the small problem is about printing option. This list has everything! But the print is really small so if you have trouble reading small print like me then you may want to try something else. Also, in nature men traveler has small things to carry with them during the trip. Therefore, many of the list items don’t pertain to them like makeup. As a result, a lot of the space is wasted for them, but for others, those things will be relevant.

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