Study abroad from Bangladesh after HSC

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Do you want to study abroad from Bangladesh after HSC? Many students wish to do their higher study from abroad, but their dream does not a success due to the proper guideline. If you want to study abroad you must follow some basic rules before start the process. I will discuss step by step preparation for the bachelor program.

01. Predetermined

If you are a college student and want to complete your Bachelor degree from outside tour living boundary, just makes a plan in advance. It may be during your college or maybe after your board exam. In the case of Bangladesh, many students first try different public university to get admission, after failing; then they start applying in the abroad. I suggest if you have a high interest in higher study outside the country, start your procedure immediately after completing your HSC exam. Why waste time if your intention to study foreign university?

02. Chose Country

Everyone has his own choice. Just take information about your dream country. Always keep in mind, keep your option always open. Because some time it does not in favor of you. Put two to three countries on your favorite list.

03. Search the University

After choosing your countries, just goes to Google and search what are the universities in that country? For example, what the universities in Canada? You will get all the universities and their web address. Just go through the link and find all the information about the university. Mind it, spend more time on a university website gives you better knowledge about the university.

04. Make a list of the Universities

Make a list of the universities which offer your desired subjects. Carefully check the requirement, deadline and tuition fee. Also, try to get information about financial aid. If you have an interest in the Czech Republic, find 5 top universities in the Czech Republic.

05. Preparation for IELTS

After completing your HSC examination, start preparing for IELTS. Without IELTS, you have no chance to study abroad. Try to get score according to university requirement you listed.

06. Prepare all your documents

In the case of higher study, you might need to attest your academic documents from the education ministry and foreign ministry. You also need a passport. Make sure you get a passport before IELTS examination because to sit in IELTS exam you must need a passport. So, prepare these documents before start applying. It will give you relax mode when applying.

07. Make the application

If you got all the documents in hand and got the IELTS result on hand, just check your list and start to apply according to the list. Make sure you apply within the deadline.

08. Don’t hesitate to mail the University

If you have any confusion about any matter or if don’t understand any issues; don’t hesitate to mail the admission office or contact email they provided.

09. Don’t fall into the agency trap

They will show you daydream. It is not very hard to process to apply in abroad and the agency is not the representative of the universities. They are just like you. They have internet, gather information from the internet and work for you. So, why don’t make it by yourself?


Finally, don’t lose your hope. Don’t allow side comment or agency trap. Just try yourself, will the result. If you have a dream to study abroad from Bangladesh you make a plan before starting your procedure.

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