Scholarship in Sweden for Bangladeshi students 2019-2020

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Sweden can be a good destination for Bangladeshi students due to the improved standard of education. Sweden has imposed tuition fees for foreign (non-EU) students since 2011. However, they also increased the scope of scholarship. Scholarship in Sweden for Bangladeshi students is available in 2019-2020. Bangladeshi female students also can apply for a scholarship in Austria.


Sweden has two application rounds in a year:

Round 1: 16 October-15 January (autumn session)

Round-2: 1st June-15th August. (Spring session)


Most importantly Focus on:

-IELTS: Overall band score of 6.5. But,  if your previous bachelor program was fully taught in English, you can apply without IELTS.

-Motivational Letter/Statement of Purposes. (A good SOP increase your chance)


Application procedure:

– The admission process in Sweden is completed only through an online application service. It is very easy and hassle-free. It needs to create an account once on the application portal. You can apply all educational institution though it. There has no other option to apply in Sweden.


Step by step process

Step-1: Firstly, make an account here

Step-2: Select your course through the portal. The portal open on 16 October and 1st June.

Step-3: After that, you can search for your courses. Then, apply for the courses. Remember, you can apply for four courses in an application period.

Step-4: Pay an application fee of 900 kroner (about 11 thousand taka). You can pay the application fee by credit card or bank. Your application will not accept if the application fee is not paid within the specific date.

Step-5: Prepare your all document to send Sweden. Don’t send any documents to the university address. You need to send all your documents to University Admissions in Sweden, FE 20102SE-839 87 stersund SWEDEN.


Note: Your all documents will be scanned and attached to the main system. So, you don’t need to send any paper for further applications in the near future. The whole admission process will be done by this portal. However, you do not need to contact separately with the university.


Step-6: Generally, the first notification is given after two months, It is mandatory to response the consent or rejection.

Step-7: Your admission will confirm by another notification.

Step-8: After confirming your admission you need to apply for a visa.



  • After completing the application for admission, do not forget to apply for the scholarship.
  • Besides Bangladeshi students, Swedish Institute Scholarship (SI) is applicable for other 12 countries.
  • Every year, 200 people are selected for this scholarship. A nominate student will get full Tuition Fee wave. In addition, a monthly allowance of about one lakh Tk  (about 1000 Euro).
  • In addition to SI, there are various scholarship related scholarships in different universities. So try as much as possible to apply. Because the scholarship application is free and it will increase your chances of getting scholarships.
  • However, do not forget to give CV and Motivation Letter of a specific format with a scholarship application.


Visa Application

You need to apply for a visa. If you receive a confirmation about admission, you are legally entitled to get a visa. So, apply for the visa with confidence.


Visa related documents

  • Your Selection Results (download and print from your account)
  • Medical Insurance (If the education period is less than one year)
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Educational Qualification
  • Bank statement

Bank statement information

It is needed for the students who are not nominated for the scholarship. You will have to show your 10-month cost as your own bank. The amount equal to monthly living cost 7,300 krona which is the sum of 73,000 krona (about nine lakhs in Bangladeshi currency). However, if you get a scholarship, your bank statement is not required.

Visa Processing Time

It takes 2-4 months for visa processing from Bangladesh. So, start your visa application as soon as possible.



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