New approaches to organizing Human resource

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New approach to organizing Human resource

Human resources in an organization become effective when they are used effectively. In the past, many companies use one way HR departments that are managed all HR functions. But with these competitive era organizations understand that to get competitive advantages they should emphasis on their limited human resources. From that concept, the employer has now organized its HR services in four major groups that are shared services /transactional HR team, Corporate HR team, embedded HR teams and centers of expertise.

So, we discuss the function of all of the groups with examples and then take a simple quiz on it. 

Shared Services / Transactional HR team

It means to share your human resources with other departments of your organization. It indicates outsourcing human resources for day to day activities. 

Example: Pepsico is one of the largest food, snacks, and beverage multinational corporation in the United States. They have a different department in food products such as the HR department, the marketing department, production department and so on. Therefore, if the production department needs some personnel for a day on an urgent basis they can get from the HR department or from the marketing department. This sharing human resources process called shared or transactional HR group. 

Share HR team mainly use for day to day activities between different departments in the organization.

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Corporate HR team

It is the human resources team that is mainly related to the top management of an organization. They assist the top management in the long term strategic planning, companies overall human resources planning and human resources budgeting and so on. Corporate HR is the person who is working at the corporate level. They ensure that all the HR work practice in the corporation is aligned with business objectives.

Example: Pepsico has food, snacks, and beverage business. The corporate level HR are the personnel who assist the top management for all of the business units of Pepsico. 

Embedded HR teams

New approach to organizing Human resource

These types of HR groupes appoint for general HR activities of a specific department. Sometimes an organization needs to manage human resources of a specific department such as the production department. The embedded HR groupes form only for that department. This types of group mainly see in the large company that has a department with big workforce.

Example: Pepsico’s beverage food has production, HR and marketing department. Now in their production department of beverage food works many employees and it is important to manager performance, attendance and other Hr activities of the production department. Therefore, if they form an HR group for the production department its called embedded HR teams.

Centers of expertise

It is a special type of HR group that works for the organization on special tasks. Basically it operates specialized consulting tasks inside the organization. Depending on the size of the company, they may be corporate-wide or regionally based. They consulting the employees or top management in different aspects of the organization departments. It may form for training on particular issues, tasks or forms for training particular groups.

However, It is important to consider that who are included in these HR group must be expert on those issues or task for which he or she is appointed.

Example:  If Pepsico forms an HR group for training employee on the legal issues is called Centers of expertise. The trainer must expert on legal issues.

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01. Which HR team assists the CEO in the strategic plan?

A.Transactional HR Group
B. Corporate HR Group
C. Embedded HR Group
D. Centers of expertise Group

02. A company’s marketing department needs a worker due to the absence of their one member on a specific day, which group is appropriate for them?
A. Transactional HR group
B. Embedded HR group
C. Corporate HR group
D. Centers of expertise

03. Management think to develop a training program on financial budgeting for their employees, what HR group they should form?
A. Corporate HR group
B. Center of expertise
C. Transactional HR group
D. Embedded HR unit

04. Top management forms an HR team for trained employees on safety issues. One of the members came from the marketing department in the group. Is he is suitable for that  HR team?

A. Yes
B. No
C. May be
D. Not sure

05. Which group is involved in the overall HR planning? 

A.Transactional HR Group
B. Embedded HR Group 
C. Corporate HR Group
D. Centers of expertise Group

Answer: B, A, B, B, C new approaches to organizing human  new approaches to organizing human 

new approaches to organizing human

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