Low tuition fee countries in Europe for international students

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Low tuition fee countries in Europe for international students

Every student wants to study such a university that has no tuition fee or low tuition fee. If you have to plan to complete your higher study from Europe you have the chance to study with lower even no tuition fee university in Europe. Some countries offer program high tuition fees while others have the opportunity to study without tuition fees. We now discuss such 5 countries that have no tuition or low tuition.


Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe.  It has a high reputation for quality education.  The capital of Norway is Oslo. The official language of Norway is Norwegian.  The total area of Norway is 385,207 square km which is the 67th based on area.


Quality Education

Despite being a small country Norwegian universities and university colleges deliver quality education. It is the first priority to the International exchange and degree-seeking students. Most of the international degree offered by Norwegian universities are in English. It is a safe destination for international students.  The Norwegian universities offered a 3-year bachelor’s degree, 2-year master’s degree, and a 3-year Ph.D. degree.

Tuition fee


Norway provided high-quality education without cost. Most of the university has no tuition fee. Higher education at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. levels in Norway is free. Therefore, most of the bachelor programs taught in the local language.  For this reason, an international student must need the skill of the Norwegian language. It is good news for masters and Ph.D. students that the course taught in English at that level.


Work opportunity


International students can do a part-time job at the time of the study. An international student can work 20 hours weekly with student resident permit.  There not need an extra work permit for doing part-time jobs. While the student gets a student permit it also works as the part-time work permit.

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Germany is a country in central Europe with higher economic growth. Poland and the Czech Republic are situated in the east of Germany where its west side surrounded by France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands. To the North of Germany are Denmark, North and Baltic Seas. On the opposite side,  Austria and Switzerland are located. Its official language is German. Berlin is its capital.


World-class Education


Germany is a popular destination for international students for higher education. It is not only for free education but also for a safe environment, mixer culture also. Moreover, most of the world’s top universities are in Germany.  Career-oriented education help student to reach their destination. Germany is a country where varieties of courses are offered by various universities.


Tuition fee


Like Norway, German universities also completely free of charge. Most of the university has no tuition fee except for some private universes.


Work opportunity


As a student, you have a part-time job opportunity in Germany. An international student is able to work 20 hours weekly when they are studying. The cost of living is higher than in other European countries.  The average living cost will be 800 EUR/monthly. If a student can work hard and minimize cost they can manage their cost with a part-time job.

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It’s not Australia, its Austria which is a country of central Europe comprising nine federated states. Vienna is the capital of Austria; the favorite city for world tourists. The official language of Austria is German.


Study in Austria


It has more than 70 world-Class University.  It is a great opportunity for an international student to study in English taught program in different areas. A big community of International student s makes it a multi-cultural study environment.


Tuition fee


The cost of study in Austria is not fully free. You must need to pay some amount of fees if you want to study in Austria and obviously if you are an international student.  However, it is fully free for Austrian students.  As a third country student, you need to pay 726.72 Euros per semester. Additionally, you need to pay 19.20 Euros per semester for student union membership.



So, it does not need to worry. Even there has a little bit tuition fee you also have the opportunity of scholarship. Some universities offer scholarships for international students. Besides, you have the opportunity to get a grant from the oeAD scholarship. It is good news for female students that they can apply for Helmut Veith Stipend Scholarship in Austria.


Living Cost

The living cost in Austria is a little bit high than in Germany. But, it completely depends on your life style. The average monthly living cost will be 950 Euros.


Part-time work

The students from most of the EU countries capable to work without any permit.  The third-country students               (outside of EU) you have the permission to work 20 hours weekly.

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All the above are the low tuition fee countries in Europe for international students. You can also try France, Poland and some other European countries. For more details

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