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Placing the right people for the right job at the right time

The basic purpose of human resource management is putting the right person for the right job at the right time. Human resources are the key factor of any organization in the present day. Organizations now increase their annual budget for the HR department. The responsibilities of the HR manager now increase. Modern business can stable through gain competitive advantages and putting the right person at the right place make it easy for the company. Employees are the key driving force for an organization. Even with high skills, experiences, and ability, an employee will not be efficient if the placement of the employee is wrong. 


What are the right people means?


It indicates hire the person who is fit with your offering post. No company wants to hire the wrong person.  It is not only a waste of time and money also has an impact on overall organization performance. Hiring an employee is a long and costly process, so if we choose the wrong person it has a huge negative effect on company performance.

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The impact of choosing the wrong person

Waste of time:  Hiring an employee go through planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling. Execution of this process is so lengthy. Establish a Plan for hiring need to analyze the job needs, for organizing need to analyze the job description and specification, to staffing, need to go through different test and leading and controlling also need to evaluate with proper process. So, the whole process for hiring a person is time-consuming. Therefore, if the selected person is the wrong choice, It is nothing but a waste of time.


Waste of Money: Organization invests money in the recruiting process to pick up the right person for the job. It is not a lump sum amount, much big company invest a lot of money for recruiting. So, the wrong selection does not become an investment, it will become cost and loss project for the company.


Poor performance: One employee can influence others. The big and successful company believes in teamwork. Their achievement comes from the hard work of the team. If a member of a team is inefficient, unproductive and unskilled; it may affect the whole team. Therefore, the overall performance of the team becomes poor.


What does mean by the right job?

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The HR department must need to understand their actual needs. What position they will create, what are the responsibilities in the post, what types of personnel, skills, education, experience, ability, knowledge the candidate needs for the job. If it is not clear to the HR manager, they cannot choose the right person for the right job.

Say, you want to hire a sales executive, but you choose a person whose background is engineering. Or who do not know about the sale or he or she not efficient to work with the sales department. And It is the wrong selection. You can place his/her in the IT department, not in the sales. It is the recruiter responsibility to determine who is perfect for whom. It means as a recruiter the manager should know the job description and what types of personnel fit at the task. hiring tips for managers hiring tips for managers hiring tips for managers


What does mean by the right time?

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It is also important to select the employee at the right time. If the HR manager assumes, I select the best employee by maintaining all the dimension of the HR process, it may need a long time. And when the manager picks up the right person for the right job, the candidate may not place at the right time. Because that time the loss already occurred.

We can discuss it with examples:

  1. The sales of Fresh drinking water rise for the last few months. To meet the market demand they need to hire more people in the production department. But, the HR department takes too much time to hire. At a time, their rival Pran drinking water is available in the market. Customer waits for Fresh in a certain time, and then move to Pran. The fresh is lose the customer.  It indicates that if you cannot hire the right people at the right time you will lose the market share.
  2. Comfort Zone is the most popular garments item supplier company. They decided to open a new branch in California within one month. To start the branch they need some sales executive. So, Hr manager of Comfort Zone started the recruiting process, but unable to choose the employee within the time. So, their planning cannot execute timely which gives a negative impact on their customer who is waiting for the opening of the comfort zone in California.

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