Abuse of Power || conflict management case with solutions

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Case Summary: Abuse of Power & Authority (conflict management case with solutions )

Power grid company of Bangladesh Ltd(PGCB) is an enterprise of Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB). PGCB was found for making the transmission sector more efficient and effective. PGCB buys power from generation plants of BPDB and independent power producers (IPPs) and sells the power after transmission to the distribution companies such as BPDB distribution. Rural Electrification Board (REB), Dhaka Electric Supply Authority (DESA) and Dhaka Electric Supply Company (DESCO). Continue…


Question 1: What types of conflict present in the case?

Ans: Interpersonal conflict is present in the case. It occurs when a person or group of people frustrates or interferes with another person’s efforts at achieving a goal. Here, the manager does not like the good relationship of Mr. Alam with top bosses. He interferes to Mr. Alam’s works.  He was also afraid of MrAlam’s gaining all praise from top management. It was felt of the manager’s personal thought.

Question 2:  What are the sources of conflict here?

Ans: The conflict between Mr. Alam & Manager started when the manager felt the relationship of Mr. Alam with top management will threating for him in the future. From this feel, later manager tried to interfere with Mr. Alam’s work.

Question3: Is this conflict is common in the workplace?

Ans: This kind of conflict is common in the workplace. People have different interest, goals in the workplace. So, they doing their best to achieve their goals. Sometimes, there have scarce resources in the organization which may be the reason for rising conflict between two parties; especially when there is more candidate for promotion.

Question 4: What approach of conflict management is applied in this case?

Ans: Here, in this case, the Collaborating approach is applied. The manager rushed to the DGM’s room to raise an objection and to stop Mr. Alam from going to Hasnabad and about his bad behavior. DGM called Mr.Alam on phone and listened to him and didn’t react immediately. He waited for Mr. Alam to come and talk. After coming back DGM listened to him and asked him about his opinion about this conflict and what he wants from now. When Mr. Alam wanted to shift to another department rather than working under this Manager, DGM praised him as he is a good person and his importance. He told him to work for now and he will ask Mr. Alam to come for a solution with the Manager. That’s totally a Collaborating approach of conflict management.


Question5: How effectively the collaborating approach could be used by the DGM?

Ans: Collaborating aims to find a solution to the conflict through cooperating with other parties involved. Hence, communication is an important part of this strategy. The goals of this stance are to find a win-win situation. The DGM can handle the conflict between the manager and Mr. Alam by using this strategy. He can learn the matter deeply and listening from both parties. Because he needs both of them at their position.  And this style will be the best solution for everyone which leads to high commitment, higher creativity in problem-solving, team building.


Question 6: What is the possible best solution to the conflict?

Ans: We think the best solution will come through a collaborative approach. DGM already listened to Manager about his objection. Then he also listened to Mr. Alam about his opinion. DGM should take some time to think and judge those two parties here and he should call them both to pacify this conflict and to find a solution. DGM can work as a pacifier here to smoothen the conflict aroused between Manager and Mr. Alam.


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