Best techniques to build customer relationships

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Business always customer-oriented. Better customer relation gives you better revenue. Many multination companies lose their client due to lack of good supportive relationship. How can you build a good relationship with your customers?

In this article, you will get some easy and effective formula about converting your customer into revenue. I will cover:

01. Good  customer relationship practice 

02. Tools you can use for instant customer support


01. Good  customer relationship practice 

Regular communication

The marketer now focuses on the royal customer. A customer may test your product or service once but it is your responsibility to convert those to a loyal customer. Yes, it is possible through your regular communication. If the customer is a new one for your product or service you should take feedback from your customer. It is not true every customer like your product equally. Some will give superior feedback while others think it is the worst one. This two feedback is not your result. You must average your feedback result. Whatever it is bad or good it is important whether you communicate or not with your customer.


Listening to your customer

Customer is always perfect even your product is superior. So listen to what your customer wants to express their opinion about your product. It may be negative or positive.


Provide updated information

The customer always wants recent information about your product. You should always try to provide a recent change in your products to your customer. It may price, features, discount, award or any changes in your product. Therefore, the customer gets to remind about your product.

Never forget your testing customer

Some customer may leave you after testing your product. Many marketers knock once or twice that customers and then lose hope. They  ( Marketer) think that the customer will not buy their product forever. It is a completely wrong concept. Any customer can become a loyal customer at any time. A successful marketer always keep patient even may years and they keep touch with customers frequently even the customer is not buying single pieces of their product. It is my real experience that the customer once comes to your court and he/she becomes a loyal customer.

Give more than your customer’s expectation

The new concept of marketing is that delight your customer rater than satisfied them. So, how can you delight your customer? You offer such a product or service where your customer expresses WOW!! It could be through product differentiate, new feature, price or friendly support system.

Learn about BOO to WOW Marketing


02. Tools you can use for instant customer support

If you are an online service or product provider or you have a website of your business, you should use instant messages system. It increases your customer as well as revenue. How you can use instant chatting system? You can use different software for this service. I introduce you two best chatting software which you can use on your website for instant support to customers.

Live Chat

It is one of the leading customer support systems that you can use for the customer support system. What better way to offer them helps than through a quick chat on your website? Live Chats is the faster way than email and more efficient than phone. Don’t make your customers wait. Your customer satisfaction converts your revenue.

Best live chart price
The pricing plan for live chat

Using this, it is easy to Chat with your customers, send their details to your CRM, manage their orders and accept their payments. All of these tasks you can do without leaving the chatting interface that makes your customer happy. Now over thirty thousand companies in 150 countries use live chat for supporting their customer which leads additional $65000 of business each month. It is cheap and very effective. The price is not too high as compare with your outcomes. The Starter package only $16/month, Team $33/month and business $50/month; all price is for per seat.

My live Chat

It is another powerful and supportive customer support system. It is the positive side that you can also use a free version of my live chat with your customer. This software gets an average of 277 new customers per day.

The key features of this software are:

-Unlimited Chats and Free (for the free version also)

-Built your strong sales and support teams with priority tiers.

–  The chartroom is customized. The chat window, your agent photos, your company logos, chat buttons, and agent greeting messages all you can customize.

– Most importantly, you can use mobile Chat App that allows you to engage with your website visitors any time anywhere. As a result, you never miss any sales opportunity.

– If you or your visitors need to exchange any photo, file; my live chat has the opportunity.

– It does not affect your website loading performance.

However, My Live Chat could be perfect for your customer support system. Free Version

live support online
Instant messaging system

Now a day’s customer wants quick and smart support from the company. Visitors want to know more information before purchase.  An instant support system is common practices among all online business even large company who operate their business physically start to establish an online quick support system. It is not a waste of money; it is less investment to get more revenue that backs your competitive advantages.

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