Applying for higher study in Europe within deadline

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You must make a plan if you want to study outside in your country. There are many steps you need to take to study abroad. You should know details about the university, subject offer, the course included, tuition fee, scholarship opportunities, and more importantly deadline. Because study outside of own country may require a student visa. So, the admission deadline may differ for a different country. Carefully see the course deadline and you should apply with keep enough time to secure your whole e procedure. Higher study in Europe may open your future career. 

Applying to the European University 

The quality of education in Europe is well-reputed. Many international students want to complete their higher study from a European university. Students mainly want to study in Europe because of free education and a huge number of scholarship. Even there is any tuition fee it is reasonable to the students. In Europe, there is a different deadline for each university/program/ course in each country. It depends on their own course plan and country education system.  We here discuss the month in which many country’s admission periods open. We focus only on European countries and their admission period.

The following chart shows when you can apply for a specific country:



Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden January
Austria, Finland, Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia February
Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden March
Austria, Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden April
Ireland, Italy May
Iceland, Spain June
Germany, Greece, Luxembourg July
Greece, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Sweden August
Austria, Finland, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain September
Sweden October
Austria, Finland, Hungary November
Spain December


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