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A Short Description About Md Main Uddin

Don’t worry!  It will not be a boring journey!

My name is Md Main Uddin and I’m currently studying master in Business administration at East-West University, Dhaka; a leading university in Bangladesh. My main area of study is Human Resources management.

Sometimes people ask me, why HR?

The scope of the human resources job is currently having a strong position. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing fields in Bangladesh; every organization must focus to get better output from their employee. HR department always works with this section.

I am highly interested in recruiting, selection process, training, conducive work culture, conflict management and managing employee relations in the workplace. I like to give advice to large organizations about their workforce. I wish to research in this more challenging sector, want to discover a new way to better utilization of the workforce and minimize conflict among employees, management & workers.


Health Care Diagnostic Center

At the end of 2015, I joined Health Care Diagnostic Centers a BusinessDevelopment Executive. It was a new challenged for being to enhance the center compete with high profile hospital and diagnostic center in Noakhali area. I convince management to introduced a software base management system to run the process smoothly. Besides, SMS marketing, employee tracking system was another digitalization process in the business which was initiated by me.

As a private tutor

When I was a college student, I started private tuition. Definitely, it was a great experience for me. I have worked with a very diverse group of students, helping them in mathematics, General Science, Social Science, English, Religion and so on. I enjoyed working with them and helping them attain their goals and continue being helpful.

Coaching Center

At the time of my university, I started teaching the student in a group and launch a coaching center (in Chattagram) named “Portoy” with my friend Md Shofiul Azam. We got a huge response from the guardian and our students grew up rapidly. We became most popular among students and parents within a short time.

New Experience on Online Shop

After my under graduation, I joined with a group of amazing people. We started an online shop. Basically, we delivered grocery and food items. We collected raw turmeric, red chili, and other Spices; then turned into powder and supplied to customers. Besides, we sold tea leaf (one of our best product based on consumer feedback).


About me
After completing a successful workshop on “Quality Management”

I joined a 3-day workshop on “Quality Management” arranged by East-West University. I learned many new concepts about the quality of the product and services. Also, gather knowledge about “WOW” marketing, customer delighted, six sigma, quality control, quality monitoring, etc. The workshop gave me lot of knowledge about the quality of products and services. I learned that you should maintain such quality where the customer expresses “WOW” after using your product. I also learned about CCDVTP marketing approach.


My Birth Place

I was born in a village called Kalaraita on February 14, 1992. Kalaraita is a small village of Senbagh thana at Noakhali district in Bangladesh. It is my root where I grow up, spent my best moment, learn from its environment.


I like playing Cricket. I always enjoy reading books, blogging; spend time with friends and family. Growing up as a child and until now it has been my dream to become a good person with a positive attitude. I believe with a 100% positive attitude people can change himself and the environment around him.

Extracurricular activities

I believe that extracurricular activities can become the defining line between my success and failure as a student and in life. I do not find enough opportunities to develop my talents only with school or college curriculum. Extracurricular activities help me to bridge this gap between education and innate skills.


In RED’s program

My dream, my belief, my place of confidence is Rural Education Development (RED). When I was a College student, I started helping poor students for continuing their studies by financial support.

We start our work broadly the following year. The most dynamic people (Mohon, Shofiul, Foysal, Nowshad & Joynal) were joined the group and started their journey with a new speed. We arranged a different kind of social awareness program such as free blood grouping & blood donation campaigns, the exhibition of the 1971 liberation war documentary and quiz competition, financial support of poor students, provide free study materials, etc.

As an LEO Leader

In 2012, I joined LEO CLUB OF CHITTAGONG MODEL STAR, District 315-B4 as a member, the following year I became Treasurer. In 2014, I was selected as the first Vice-President of Model Star and nominated President for the 2015-2016 sessions in the following year.

Fruit festival with Underprivileged children

I arranged many volunteer programs such as “fruit festival for students in fisherman’s area”, Distribute Ifter for street people, Eid clothing for underprivileged people and so on. Our club won the “best club performer awarded-2016”.





With our Honorable principle at School reunion program

I fully involved with the program of Reunion & Celebrating the 10th anniversary of my high school. It was challenging for me because it was the first reunion of our school. We need to collect all data, phone number about old and new students, teachers & all staffs. I was the Secretary of the “Reunion & Celebrating the 10th-anniversary Committee” which was a great experience for me.


I also work with a free health check-up campaign arranged by the Health Care Diagnostic Center in many rural areas. I have a lot of experience in tour plans and guiding. We all friends visit different places in Bangladesh and most of them were grouped tours (with my friends). So, I got lots of experience in volunteer tour planning and guiding.


That’s enough about myself. If you have further interest  send me a message

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