A refuse experience of student visa from the Belgium embassy

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In this article, I share my refuse experience of student visa from the Belgium embassy. I only discuss why I was rejected?  If you have an interest in the application process and documentation, subscribe to my site and in the next essay, I will give you the step by the step application process.

Where and when I applied?

I tried to complete my master degree from a European country. For this reason, I applied to several countries for my master’s program. At the banging of 2018, I applied Vrije Universities Brussels, Belgium for doing masters in International Business. I had no IELTS, but the medium of Instruction was English. Their requirement was IELTS 6.5, but students who successfully completed secondary or higher education with English as the language of instruction can apply.

On March 29, 2018, I got an e-mail with the Acceptance Letter from the university. Then I started my next procedure. Therefore, I sent mail them to give me an account number for transferring my living costs and tuition fee. The international relations office sent me an account number and the refund policy.

The pdf copy of the acceptance letter look likes this e-mail copy.

After that, I transferred block money May 22, 18 and send the scan copy of payment documents (passport front page, SWIFT Copy & acceptance letter) to their International Relations & Mobility Office by e-mail. After 2 weeks, I got my solvency certificate in my hand through DHL. In the meantime, I prepared all my others document (I will discuss necessary documents and process in the next content).

I submitted my application in Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Bangladesh, Dhaka on 5th July 2018 and it registered in Ministry of Home Affairs (iBZ) on 29 August 2018. I  got my refusal letter mid-November.

You need to send an e-mail to iBZ for a tracking number.

Why did I refuse?

Belgium Embassy is one of the most slowly processing embassies in the world. They take at least 90-day to give a decision, but I am sure it needs more than 4 to 5 months. Some guys also waited over 6 months in the previous year. So, if your university does not extend your enrollment date, there has a high chance of rejection. Generally, if you send block money, there has a 99 percent chance to get a visa. Sometimes it is possible to get a visa showing a bank solvency certificate, but it is few in amount. Last year some people got visa showing a banksolvency certificate instead of a block account.

I think the following issues were the main reason for my visa rejected decisions:

  •  I applied late for the visa.
  • It was  5th July 2018 when I applied, but registered my file in Delhi on 29 August 2018. So, I had only 40-45 days in hand.
  •  Vrije University did not extend the time of admission.

The language of refusal letter was in France language, but I used Google translate and the summary of the refusal letter was such as the university does not extend the enrollment date, at that reason they can’t issue the visa.

I did not apply for a visa with enough time in hand. When my file came to the queue, the enrollment period already over. Many of us who got the acceptance letter from Ghent University can extend their enrollment for the February session, so most of them got a visa even after enrollment for the end of September semester.

Suggestions for you:

  • After applying for admission, starting  prepares all your documents;
  • Try to apply a university which has 2 semesters in a year and has the opportunity to admit next semester if you miss one. It is possible to extend your enrollment date in case of delay in visa decision.
  • Make sure your finances will not delay
  • Don’t lose a single day after getting the acceptance letter
  • Transfer your block money as soon as possible
  • After transfer money prepare all your necessary documents and wait for solvency certificate 
  • When you get solvency certificate, within one or two days submit your application.
  • From 2019, you need to submit your application in Delhi. So, confirm your Indian visa at the beginning. 
  • Try to submit your application before 4 months of your enrollment date.
  • If you have a chance to extend admission, don’t send the request to visa officer for getting back your passport and documents.

That was my real refuse experience of student visa from the Belgium embassy. Wish you the best of luck. If you want to know more about application processing in Belgium, subscribe by e-mail. After posting the next episode I will notify you.

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