7 tips to write an email to university admission office

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Normally, students send email to the admission office to know detail which they do not find in the website of the university. It is good practice for international students if they want to study at a particular college or university. Before applying for a course, you need to eliminate all ambiguity. Through an email, you can do it. Besides, it gives you feel better about the university.

In Asia, students do not familiars about getting information through email, because most of the university or lecturer is not interested in this. At this reason, most of the students are unable to write a proper email to university or professor regarding information issues. It is good practice to get information through the university website and if you have any confusion, you can just write an email to the respective person. You find the email id on the website of the university you choose.

I discuss what should you ask through email and what shouldn’t? Usually, universities who admit international students are very cooperative and responsive. But it does not mean that you asked such information frequently which clearly mention in the website.

So, you should remember the following things when sending an email to the university admission office about the course:

01. Start with yourself

You can write a few sentences about yourself. Not more than 2-3 sentences. About your name, last education status, CGPA, etc. It helps the reader to get easy about the message.

Example: This is Md.  Rakibul Hasan from Bangladesh. I have completed Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Northern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 2015. I obtain CGPA 3.50 (Out 4.0).

02. Write about your work experience

If you have a study gap, write what you did that time period. It gives light information about to the admission office.

Example: After completing my Bachelor degree I joined a company as a Business Development Executive since September 2016 and now working here.

03. Write about your desired course

Write one or two sentences about the course you are looking at the university. It gives a clear perception to the reader about your intention.

Example: However, I am interested in the Masters Program at United International Business Schools, but at first a want to complete Pre-Master’s program in Business Administration to prepare myself for a specialized Master program. I have overall IELTS 6.0

04. Ask specific question

Many students write an essay when they send an email to the university admission office. Admission office does not have such a huge time to read your easy. They are ready to help you but within the specific inquiry. After complete this pre-masters’, Can I directly admit in Ms in International Business?

05. Read whole mail again before send

Just read your full mail one again before sending. It helps to eliminate grammatical error or some information missing.

06. Don’t ask the question which has on their website

Before sending an email to the admission office please visit the whole site carefully. Try to write down information. If you feel you need some more specific question then ask them.

07. Discuss Confidently

Many students does not ask further if they have ambiguity. It is not fare. If you have further inquiry don’t hesitate to ask them.

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