Four elements of negligence case with example

Class Note (four elements of negligence) In the case of negligence, the plaintiff needs to establish the following lawsuit to win the case. The negligence case can stop any of the following stages. To win the negligence case the plaintiff must need to prove that all the stages are present in the case. The stages

Abuse of Power || conflict management case with solutions

Case Summary: Abuse of Power & Authority (conflict management case with solutions ) Power grid company of Bangladesh Ltd(PGCB) is an enterprise of Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB). PGCB was found for making the transmission sector more efficient and effective. PGCB buys power from generation plants of BPDB and independent power producers (IPPs) and sells

Study in Portugal without IELTS 2020

International students who are pursuing higher education, Portugal can be the best choice. Although it is a low economy country, it is becoming an important country for higher education. International students choose this country because of its low-cost quality education. If you are interested in study in Portugal without IELTS then this blog is for

Study in Estonia || Step by Step Guide

Estonia is a country in northern Europe. It is bordered to the north by Finland, to the west by the Baltic Sea, to the south by Latvia and to the east by  Pipas Lake and Russia. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. The area of the country is 45,227 square kilometers. Estonia received full membership

Did Neela Win or Loose || Case Study

Case Study on “Did Neela Win or Loose” Background Neela was working for a multinational company for the last three years for supply chain management. She was funny and friendly girl admired by all in the organization for her nature. However, although she was fun-loving, when it came to work and responsibility, she was extremely
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